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Paddock-Space-Side-web-versionRegardless of whether your horse is a yearling requiring breaking, or an older horse in training, Jim Boyle Racing is able to cater for their every need through it’s dedicated breaking, stud and rest & recuperation arm, Paddock Space.

One of the advantages of having a purely dedicated stud facility is that not only can we bring horses straight form the yearling sales in without having to go into the main yard to mix with the horses in training, but it also allows us to buy horses for owners from the foal sales to then run on with us until they are ready to be broken in and go into training. This has allowed us to buy some nice horses relatively inexpensively as foals, which might have been out of our price range by the time they had developed into yearlings.

When yearlings are purchased from the sales either in the UK or Ireland, they are transported directly to Paddock Space. They are then broken in and ridden off by the same staff that will ride them when they enter training. This continuity is helpful in giving both us, and the riders, an insight into each individual, which all helps smooth the transition from yearling being broken in to fully fledged racehorse. After the yearlings are ridden off we like to give then a few weeks down time in the field in small groups before they come into full training, so they can unwind after the sales and the breaking process. 

The fact we can offer horses who require either a mini break or long break from their training regime in the field, is another of our strongest assets. Horses regularly benefit from a break from training to freshen up or, in the case of immature horses, have time to develop and mature without being under the stresses of being in full training. Battle hardened campaigners love to get out in the field and kick their heels up with some friends, and it really helps them to unwind and relax before returning to training. Having this facility as part of our yard enables us to keep continutiy of care, and go that extra yard to cater for each horses individual needs.

We also breed racehorses on the stud and are now beginning to see plenty of offspring on the track. This has provided not only us, but many of our clients, an opportunity to follow a horse from birth to the racecourse. All our clients are always very welcome to visit the yard and socialise with our foals and young stock. Some of our owners have now joined us in breeding syndicates, and they are now enjoying watching their home grown runners either as owners themselves, having retained them to race, or as proud breeders having sold them at the sales. We are also able to cater for owners who wish to retire their mares to stud after their career is over.

We can cater for all horses on injury recuperation, whether this be box rest or post operative care, and are able to keep a close eye on any verterinary needs with Jim always on hand, or through our vets at Shotter & Byers, who look after all our horses both in and out of training.

We provide the ideal site for your future champion to grow and mature ready for the start of it’s racing career, or for your hardened campaigner to rest and relax ready to do battle again!