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Facilities-2-web-versionEpsom has an excellent range of training facilities maintained to a high standard by a committed team of resident ground staff. We have access to 85 miles of grass gallops and several all-weather gallops. The all-weather gallops include a 5 furlong sand gallop, a 4 1/2 furlong polytrack and a 9 furlong mactrack. Schooling fences and hurdles are available whenever required. The yard is situated 20mins walk from the gallops which provides the ideal warm-up before exercise and warm down afterwards.

On return to the yard from exercise the horses are encouraged to have a pick of grass in a relaxed environment before being returned to their stables. They also have the opportunity to be turned out in pens after working or racing, to allow them to unwind.

At present we have 60 boxes in 3 separate yards, along with 3 isolation boxes. All horses are bedded on treated paper (washed and chopped bank notes) and fed a combination of high quality feed and steamed hay. We have a 5-stall horse-walker and 3-bay starting stalls.

We have our own equine spa located at South Hatch. The spa uses Cold Water Hydrotherapy which has been proven to be very effective in the healing process of most lower leg injuries, as well as proving very effective in prevention of injury. By regular use of cold therapy immediately after strenuous exercise, many of the stressors within the tissues are removed before inflammation develops. Cold also significantly improves bone surface density reducing the opportunity for bone stress related injuries to occur. It is also very useful in the treatment of sore shins should this problem occur.

We also have a top of the range ActivoMed massage and pulsed electro-magnetic horse therapy rug. This type of therapy has been used successfully for many years in equestrian sports, and has been found to assist in increasing the performance of sport horses in training and competition. The rug system contains 10 powerful massage modules in 5 lines, and 15 magnetic coils in the same 5 lines.

The rug has an integrated neck to ensure that the whole of the horses body can be stimulated. It increases blood flow to the muscles and is great as either a warm up before exercise, or to help the horse recover from it’s exertions after exercise.

We also have a set of Game Ready Ice boots – these boots allow us to apply cold and compression to lower leg injuries very quickly if for any reasone the horse is unable to go in the Spa, such as when they are away from the yard, or for immediate application after racing.